High school education is delivered with a knowledge-based delivery, whereas university has an emphasis on critical thinking. This presents a gap in student experience, where the transition to university can be challenging. In a strong collaboration between graduate students, faculty, and high school educators, the Discovery platform aims to close the gap between learning levels.

The Discovery Platform:

  • ​Emphasizes data-based learning through an iterative course project 

  • Exposes students to a university learning environment

  • Builds critical thinking skills through inquiry focused learning

  • Showcases the uniqueness of biomedical engineering


Discovery is inspired by the engineering capstone approach, which instills critical thinking through execution of experimental design toward a final recommendation
Goal: Emphasize data-based learning through iterative course project (key curriculum goal)


  • Relevant programming is developed in collaboration with high school educators

  • Entire class cohorts visit IBBME with their teachers – maintain consistent colleagues

  • Subject-specific student teams plan and execute scientific method in response to request for proposal (RFP)

  • High school student teams mentored by and report to university student instructor



In execution of Discovery, we operate on the goal of multi-faceted learning. Our primary focus is innovative education for high school student participants, but in doing so we look to ensure professional development for involved  post-secondary students and high school educators. 

Post-Secondary Student Development

Discovery is founded, implemented, and delivered by post-secondary students with a vested interest in mentoring the next STEM generation. Involvement provides valuable experience in teaching, curriculum design, and mentorship within their community of practice.

​​Innovative Pedagogy

In strong collaboration, educators are essential to the effective design and implementation of innovative programming. This generates ongoing exposure to the cutting-edge of STEM education and technologies, supporting translational pedagogies both in and out of the Discovery environment.  

​High School Student


The transition between high school learning and adult life is ever-changing, wherein the value of critical thinking continues to move to the forefront. Discovery allows students to become more comfortable with decisions that require data interpretation, learning from mistakes, and working in a team to execute progress. We strive to support learning in entire class cohorts, imparting a differential learning atmosphere with unique outcomes for all learning abilities.