Huntley Chang

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I am a 4th year PhD student with a background in biomedical engineering in Dr. Jonathan Rocheleau’s lab. Diabetes is a metabolic disease which either renders the body incapable of producing insulin or prevents it from responding to insulin. Our lab merges the fields of microfluidics and microscopy to study this metabolism.


My work is focused on the development of genetically encoded sensors to study metabolic interactions that could lead to or cause diabetes progression.


Outside of the lab, some hobbies I enjoy in my free time are cooking, running, going to the gym, and dance.


Khadija Rana

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Khadija is completing an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Systems Engineering at the University of Toronto. She works with Dr. Azadeh Yadollahi at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute to understand respiratory physiology during sleep and hopes that their research will help people with asthma rest better at night.

This summer, she is developing a machine learning algorithm that analyzes chest X-rays to detect the onset of COVID-19, with a group of computer scientists at KMUTT, Thailand.

In her spare time Khadija volunteers as a caregiver, manages a biomedical engineering design team, and enjoys cooking for her family!


Margaret Ho

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Margaret Ho is a PhD student in the Shoichet Lab. She is currently working on cell and drug delivery to the eye to treat retinal degenerative diseases.


Nancy Li

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I am currently a PhD candidate in the McGuigan research group where I am studying CAR-T cell function in a three-dimensional in vitro model of the solid tumour microenvironment. I was born and raised in Toronto, briefly studied with the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research as a summer intern, received my BASc in 2018 (1T7+PEY) with the Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry before rejoining as a graduate student.

After my PhD, I hope to pursue a post-doctoral fellowship or internship within the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.


Joshua Yazbeck

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I am a first year M.A.Sc. Chemical Engineering student in the Radisic Lab. I am interested in using organ-on-chip systems to study biology; my research focuses on why cancer metastases rarely occur in the heart. Outside of the lab, I like to rock climb, bake, & bike. 


Katrina Vizely

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Katrina graduated with a degree in Biochemistry from the University of Victoria. Her thesis project focused on the functionalization of bacteriophage for high-throughput screening of inhibitors for application in drug discovery. Other previous experience included working in Agriculture and Cancer Research. She joined the lab in September of 2019 to pursue a PhD in Chemical Engineering. Her project will investigate the direct and indirect effects of a bioactive peptide on keratinocytes and immune cells in the context of wound healing. 


She likes baking and going for hikes outside in her free time.