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We can't talk positively enough about the importance of Discovery. In fact, we're not even the only ones! Here are a few notable mentions from news agencies and blog posts about Discovery's work so far.

Discovery in the Community
A student-led STEM initiative has gained traction in a Toronto high school

High school students from George Harvey Collegiate Institute (GHCI) were busy performing experiments in the IBBME design studio located in the Mining Building. Today they are learning about how the application of force affects the design of canes used by rehabilitation patients. Quevawne, a grade 11 student from GHCI, was eager to share his experience. “When I talk to my friends who are going to different schools, they were like ‘where are you going on Friday?’ and I say, ‘I get to go to the University of Toronto.” Quevawne said with a proud smirk on his face. “I brag a little, but not too much.”

Behind the Paper

There is a long-understood disconnect between the knowledge-based high school STEM classroom and the mastery-based nature of postsecondary STEM. In the latter, continual reversion to fundamental concepts while stressing laboratory experiences and the interdisciplinary nature of STEM allows for thematic continuity between courses. Unfortunately, interconnectivity of disciplines is easily overlooked by students in the knowledge-based learning environment which often leaves them under-inspired and therefore disinterested to pursue these disciplines at the post-secondary level. Open questions therefore remain on how to appeal to students’ natural curiosity, and to embrace the “soft skills” essential in achieving a successful STEM career: open-mindedness, teamwork, and grit. Importantly, demonstration of these skills as a prerequisite to scientific achievement would better engage students from diverse backgrounds who frequently garner inherent problem-solving techniques through lived experience, but struggle to maintain representation at the post-secondary level. 

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