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The Discovery team channels their passion for education, critical thought, and community to empower high school students to lead university-level innovations. Our volunteer team of mentors and experts allows students to explore aspects of physics, biology, and chemistry in new and creative ways beyond what's possible in a traditional classroom setting. 

Discovery students and volunteers learn something new every day: in idle chatter, in heart-to-hearts, and even (perhaps unsurprisingly) in the lab!

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Are you a
High School Student?

Check out how Discovery can transform your education for the better. 

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Are you a
High School Educator?

Check out how Discovery can enrich your teaching experience.

Are you a High School Parent?

Check out the excellent things your child can achieve through Discovery.

Are you a
UofT Student?

Check out ways to get involved in Discovery as a Mentor, Researcher, and other unique opportunities.

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Foundation Representative?

Check out what incredible things we can accomplish together through Discovery.

Photo of Jose.

Discovery Chemistry Lead

"As a mentor, it is gratifying to see how they formulate their questions and experiments as true, independent scientists. More than chemistry, biology, or physics, they are learning how to be critical thinkers."

Photo of Obria.

Former Discovery Student

"We really get to do things on our own and actually think. I enjoy that because we have more control over what we are doing."


 Discovery Educator

"They are seeing people that look like them. This is the first time—I would think, for a lot of these students [that] they're actually seeing individuals that represent [them] being really successful in master's programs [or] a PhD. So, I really think that does help a lot of them." 


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