The outcomes of Discovery have been disseminated at a number of international conferences, and have been highlighted in news stories. These can be accessed through external links: 



Huyer, Locke Davenport, Neal I. Callaghan, Jose L. Cadavid Cardenas, Huntley Chang, Nicolas Ivanov, Jonathan Rubianto, Nhien Tran-Nguyen, and Dawn M. Kilkenny. "EXPANDED CROSS-DISCIPLINE IMPLEMENTATION STRATEGY OF DISCOVERY: A BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING-THEMED EDUCATION PROGRAM BRIDGING SECONDARY AND POST-SECONDARY LEARNING." Proceedings of the Canadian Engineering Education Association (CEEA) (2020)

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Expanded Cross-Discipline Implementation Strategy of Discovery: A Biomedical Engineering-Themed Education Program Bridging Secondary and Post-Secondary Learning.


Enhancing senior high school student engagement and academic performance using an inclusive and scalable inquiry-based program. Locke Davenport Huyer, Neal I. Callaghan, Sara Dicks, Edward Scherer, Andrey I.Shukalyuk, Margaret Jou, Dawn M. Kilkenny. bioRxiv 822783; (Preprint, study is currently under peer review). doi:

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Enhancing senior highschool student engagement and academic performance using an inclusive and scaleable inquiry-based program.


Davenport Huyer, L., Callaghan, N.I., Smieja, D.‡, Saab, R.‡, Kilkenny, D.M. IBBME Discovery: Biomedical engineering-based iterative learning in a high school STEM curriculum (Evaluation). Conference proceedings of American Society for Engineering Education Annual Meeting. 2018; Available:

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IBBME Discovery: Biomedical Engineering-based Iterative Learning in a High School STEM Curriculum (Evaluation).
Presented at PCEE Biomedical Engineering.


Davenport Huyer, L., Conant, G., Bui, C.V.‡, Kinsella, B.G.‡, Vegh, A.‡, Ramadan, S., Lauton, B., Shukalyuk, A.I., Kilkenny, D.M. Discovery Program: integrating biomedical engineering graduate instructors with high school STEM curriculum. Conference Proceedings of Canadian Engineering Education Association Conference. 2017; DOI:

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Discovery Program: Integrating Biomedical Engineering Graduate Instructors with High School Stem Curriculum.

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