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Discovery is founded, implemented, and delivered by post-secondary students with a vested interest in mentoring the next generation of STEM leaders.


Discovery participants—whether students, mentors, or educators—gain valuable experience in mentorship,

leadership, collaboration, educational design, and outside-the-box thinking. Secondary students engage in Discovery through collaborative projects inspired by inquiry- and problem-based learning amounting to 10–15% of their course credit.



We introduce senior high school students to hands-on learning opportunities in a university environment

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We emphasize the development of global competencies through thought-provoking iterative course projects

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We help students build critical thinking skills through inquiry-based learning and student-to-student mentorship


Get your brain storming to ground yourself for the journey ahead.


Dive into the nature of things through research and experimentation. 


Take the time to reflect on your journey so far and what it might take to adapt.


Share your knowledge with others and create a community of knowledge. 

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Getting the Gears Turning

Every term of Discovery begins with a question: every subject will be paired with its own request for proposal (RFP) and provided to students as a unique problem in need of further investigation.

Before getting too ahead of ourselves, it's good to plan ahead. During this stage, mentors and their student groups join forces to think of a few ideas for how they might approach the problem at hand.


Discover Physics.


Dynamic Approaches to Dynamic Concepts

Our physics projects cover the ins, outs, and applications of...

  • Electricity

  • Dynamics

  • Kinematics

  • and more!

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