Dr. Locke Davenport Huyer

Logistics Director

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Locke Davenport Huyer is a co-founder of the Discovery Educational Program. A CIHR Vanier Scholar, UTAA Graduate Scholar, Doulas Reeve Leader of Tomorrow, and Gordon Cressy Student Leadership recipient, Dr. Davenport Huyer has pedagogical research interests in the efficacies of inquiry-based learning approaches on skill development. Dr. Davenport Huyer currently serves as the Discovery Logistics Director, overseeing and coordinating all activity and communication between FASE graduate student instructors and TDSB administrators and educators. 

Dr. Dawn Kilkenny

Faculty Liaison

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Dawn Kilkenny is an Associate Professor, Teaching Stream in Biomedical Engineering with cross-appointment to the Institute for Studies in Transdisciplinary Engineering Education and Practice (ISTEP). The 2016 Wighton Fellow for excellence in development and teaching of laboratory-based courses in Canadian UG engineering programs, and a 2017 UofT Early Career Teaching Award recipient, Prof. Kilkenny’s research interests focus on teaching and learning in the practical environment. She has been the Faculty advisor for the Discovery Educational Program since inception in 2016, mentoring the development of student teaching within the context of BME and also in the design and execution of pedagogical research. 


Neal Callaghan, PhD Candidate

Programming Director

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Neal Callaghan is the Programming Director for Discovery. He works with teachers and U of T staff to ensure that all content is fun, safe, interesting, and makes the most of our state-of-the-art resources, but also conforms to the Ontario Curriculum! Neal is a PhD Candidate in the Cellular Mechanobiology Lab, as part of both the Translational Biology and Engineering Program and Institute for Biomaterials and Bioengineering. He conducts research on modeling heart muscle in a dish- this is both to develop individualized treatments for cardiac patients, as well as testing new drugs for safety and efficacy in a realistic environment.


Angelina Ouyang

Research Assistant

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I am a research assistant for Discovery.

On the program delivery side, I work closely with the Logistics Director to formalize the program in preparation for the scale-up and expansion in the upcoming years.

On the research side, I am interested in exploring the higher-level outcomes of an inquiry-based learning platform; comparing the differences in outcome between mandatory curriculum-based S.T.E.M programs and voluntary outreach S.T.E.M activities. 

I will be starting my Master of Global Affairs (MGA) program in the Fall at the Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy at UofT. I completed my undergrad in Political Science at UofT. 


This is an exciting time for Discovery, and I am delighted to apart of it! 

Sukhmani Khaira

Research Assistant

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Sukhmani is a research assistant for Discovery. She is going into her 3rd year of Undergraduate degree, majoring in Economics and minoring in Mathematics and Statistics.

Her research work focuses on online inquiry-based learning targeted at high school and early undergraduate students, in addition to studying how high schools and universities are navigating the shift to an online mode of delivery for the Fall. She also works alongside the Programming Director to analyze student data and crunch the numbers.

Having shifted from a STEM background to social sciences, she is excited to work with a program like Discovery that recognizes the importance of STEM-based projects and programming in high schools.